Take Action for Survivors

We are tremendously grateful for the outpouring of concern from our community.  This is an especially frightening and isolating time for survivors and their children. You can be a part of our movement to support survivors by taking the following actions:

  • Donate to our Survivors Emergency Fund! Domestic violence has always been present in our community, and we expect it to continue at increased rates as families quarantine at home together.  Survivors are now experiencing not only increased risk of abuse, but also increased isolation and difficulty escaping from danger.  Many are also experiencing loss of wages and the inability to meet their family’s basic needs. To help us respond to the increased needs of the individuals and families we serve, we have established the Survivors Emergency Fund. Your donation in any amount supports our highest priorities and helps us meet critical needs as they arise. Click here to give today.
  • Raise Awareness About Domestic Violence with your network!  We’ll be sharing resources and updates across our social media. Friend us on Facebook (The Second Step) and follow us on Instagram (@The_Second_Step) and Twitter (@SecondStepInc) to reinforce our efforts.  Survivors are everywhere in our lives, even if we don’t realize it – your sharing could save a life.
  • Sign up for our newsletter!  We’ll be consolidating our COVID-19 updates in periodic newsletters.  To subscribe to our emails, click here

The Second Step recognizes that home is not a safe place for everyone, and that the current advice to maintain social distance can place survivors of domestic violence at increased risk.  For information on how we are adapting our services to meet survivors’ current needs, click here.