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“No More Secrets” book launched September 29


On Thursday, September 29th, The Second Step is releasing our long-awaited and highly impactful book about surviving domestic violence – as told through the intimate stories of survivors themselves. Five years ago, six survivors of domestic violence gathered in a room and began to share their secrets. As the women explored topics related to their experience, it became their passion to share their stories more broadly in order to educate those unaware of the prevalence and scope of domestic violence in our society, and to offer hope to other survivors struggling in abusive situations throughout the world.

The resulting book, No More Secrets: Healing From Domestic Violence, candidly explores the context and aftermath of abuse, and describes the process of healing via the ancient bond of sisterhood. The book also includes helpful information for women in abusive relationships, and for their friends and family who want to help them. Survivors and family members, community leaders, those involved in the criminal justice system, and practitioners in a variety of disciplines will benefit from reading this book.

According to Dan Shaughnessy, author and associate editor of The Boston Globe, “women will read this book. Men should read this book.”

Joyce Kulhawik, Emmy-Award winning Journalist/ says, “No More Secrets is an extraordinarily intimate look at the emotional lives and bitter experience of those who have lived through domestic violence and emerged into a community of love and hard-earned wisdom. These voices ring out clear and true.”

The book is available now at Amazon.