Steps to Justice

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“I do not know what I would have done over the last couple of months if it wasn’t for you and TSS. I was lost, scared and desperate to get out of a horrible situation, which seemed like an impossible feat at the time. Being believed and supported through this dark time means more than you can possibly imagine.”

Steps to Justice (STJ) is the legal services program housed within The Second Step. STJ attorneys provide free legal services to survivors of intimate partner domestic violence. Our legal services include, but are not limited to:

  1. Representation at M.G.L. 209A Abuse Prevention Order Hearings;
  2. Limited Assistance Representation (L.A.R.) for Custody, Parenting Time, and Divorce Proceedings in Probate and Family Court;
  3. Advice and Counsel to Pro Se (Self-Represented) Litigants as to Abuse Prevention Order and Family Law Matters;
  4. Limited Representation/Advice and Referral for Immigration Matters;
  5. Advice and Counsel as to Criminal Proceedings;
  6. Representation in Housing Proceedings;

Survivors of intimate partner domestic violence may be eligible for STJ legal services if they meet our income limit requirements and if their legal issue is derived from or caused by domestic violence.

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